Now, getting closer to graduation

PAHS senior reflection

“Now, getting closer to graduation, it’s caused me to reflect a little more as a student because going through elementary and middle school I never really thought about the impact school was having on me. Talking to people from different schools when you go to tour colleges, you find out how different areas are and how there might only be one big high school in their school system. It causes me to be really thankful for the experiences I’ve had in VBSchools especially in terms of student leadership. A lot of school areas are not really emphasizing student leadership but we have an entire office for it. Those programs have really made me the person I am sitting in front of you today. It’s enabled me to be more confident and independent through being able to lead my peers. Having those experiences has prepared me for my future going on to college and starting to interview for jobs.”


We made this car

LandstownHS electric car boy

“We made this car an example of sustainability energy. It’s a pet project of mine. It runs on electricity. That’s it. It’s just one battery that powers it. It’s totally available for solar integration or wind power or anything you want to do – anything other than burning fossil fuels.

I took an electronics course earlier in high school and we had an entire three month unit solely dedicated to solar energy – learning all the mechanics behind it, how it works, how it’s implemented. I took interest in it. It kind of evolved into this.

What really got me hooked on this car is that, in about three weeks, it is going to be a functioning mobile T-shirt launcher. It’s going to be awesome. We’re going to use it at pep rallies. It’s going to have five T-shirt canons in the back on a trailer we design.

I’ve always had a passion for electronics and robotics and this general field of engineering. Landstown has really fostered that with all of the opportunities we have. It’s kind of ridiculous what an edge I have when I get out of high school because they’ve given us real-world, job application opportunities.”

I created this piece

MilitaryChild Hero Dad1

“I created this piece because I am proud to be a military child. I think that military children are a little stronger than other kids because they go through tougher experiences. I decided to make this piece show that, even though things may be tough for us, we are braver for being a part of the military community. I wanted to show the different symbols of my dad’s service to our country. In one box, I made the Navy uniform design. This is what my dad wears to work every day. In the next box, you will see my dad’s ship in the sunset. It symbolizes that night is falling, and he is going away again. In the bottom left box, I wrote words that describe my dad because he is my hero. There are signal flags that spell ‘hero.’ In the last box there are strips that represent the flag that flies on the front of my dad’s ship.” (1/2)

What I enjoy most about working

PAHS teacher - working w students w disabilities

“What I enjoy most about working with students with disabilities are the various personalities and abilities of our students. Most people who are not familiar with our students focus on their disabilities and not their abilities. They have as many likes and dislikes as their non-disabled peers. They love the same fashion, music, movies and TV programs. “The Walking Dead” is always a good conversation piece. There is never a day that goes by when one or more does not bring a smile to my face. It’s such a great feeling! They have loving personalities.”

we are standing here

Art and Science1

“We are standing here at an intersection of art and science. Art and science are often thought of as polar opposites. The fact is that the two fields have more in common than they differ. Both involve experimentation. Both involve creative thought. Both involve trying to see or discover something in a totally new way. Artists and scientists share curiosity about the world and work on ways to better understand it. The approach problems in different ways. Asking questions in different ways can lead to new solutions. Both artists and scientists are open minded. Art has the power to inspire, educate and motivate. Together, art and science can help us visualize a problem and figure out how to solve it.”

I love art!

thumbnail_KLODS art girl option1

“I love art! I’m very, very passionate about it. I feel like it gives me a way to express myself, and I don’t get to do that a lot because I have a busy schedule and I can’t really do stuff. So, art is something that I dedicate my time to. I stay after school with my art teacher and I practice on weekends. I love painting with watercolor because I feel like it’s so free and easy. You can do whatever you want with it. I got into the Salem art academy so I’m going there next year. I’m very excited!”

Teaching at my alma mater is amazing.

Teaching at Alma Mater

“Teaching at my alma mater is amazing. What a special experience to work alongside the teachers who inspired me so many years ago…and still inspire me today. Now, I try to share that same enthusiasm and passion for learning with my students, both in AP English and the Virginia Teachers for Tomorrow program. The students and teachers here are like family, and I’m proud that feeling and tradition has not changed throughout my experience as a student and now as a teacher.”



Teachers are important because

KLODS 5 Teacher Importance

“Teachers are important because they have a way of connecting with the students and teaching them in a more direct perspective. And they connect with the students in order to make the students happier and make school more fun. It’s a better way of educating the students because it won’t just be words on a paper or a math problem on a work sheet, it will be more of like a learning experience for them.”


I thought I was going to give birth in the driver’s lounge

Transportation 8

I thought I was going to give birth in the driver’s lounge. I was close to the end of my second pregnancy, I tried to go as far as spring break and it was probably about a week before my due date. I suddenly wasn’t feeling well, I was in to get my bus serviced and I everyone saw the look on my face. My supervisor asked me if I was feeling alright and I said no, I think it is time to call my mother, I’m taking myself off the bus today. My son was born four days later.