I hope to visit all 50 states

Posted Jul 9, 2017

My husband gave me this color wheel my first year teaching. I was at Woodstock all 30 years. I grew up in Northern Virginia. I got married and moved down here. I was hired at Woodstock by Mrs. Barco in the old building.

I’ve worked with wonderful students, parents and staff members. I started teaching the children of the children, which is really fun when they come in and say, “Didn’t you teach my mother?” Teaching has its rough spots but it’s very rewarding. I’ve found it so. I’ve been happy to do it and I’ve enjoyed it for 30 years. I’m ready to go on and do something else.

What’s next?

I’m going to be traveling some. My husband and I are going to try to take a trip a month, and I hope to visit all 50 states. I’m checking them off my list. We’re going to go to Kentucky and do a driving tour of Kentucky, which I have never been to. Maybe we’ll stop in Ohio on the way back. I’ve driven through Ohio but to me that doesn’t count. You have to do something you remember. If I can’t tell you something I remember in Ohio or wherever, it doesn’t count. That’s on the list. There will be fall foliage in October in New England because we have family in Vermont. We’re just rolling through and we’ll figure stuff out. We’ll travel the way retirees do. My husband says, “You get in the car and leave the house and get where you get.” It’s going to be fun. We’ve been married for 33 years this year. We’ve been together a long time and now we’ll really get to spend time together.

I said I would probably have two or three careers in my life because there’s a good chance I’ll live to be about 100. Both my grandmothers lived into their high 90s, so the likelihood is there. So, who knows what’s around the corner? It could be another job some place.