Passion project

The “passion project” that I worked on last year was with my friend. We were really interested in helping the homeless so we decided to do something about it and we created a fundraiser here at Thoroughgood where people dropped off cans of nonperishable food. We actually had so much food that the food bank couldn’t take it all so we gave some to the Hood Operation. That was really cool. They said they could use our help so we gave the rest of it to them.

What inspired you to help the homeless?

They had these U.N. goals [in class] and some of them were poverty or helping the ocean. We decided that [helping the homeless] was the one that interested us the most. We did some research and then put our plan into action.

What did you like the best about the project?

I just like seeing everybody donating things and that they really cared about the homeless. I just really liked that.


I design and build robots

I like technology, specifically robots because it’s like an artificial human. You can build it to do a certain thing unless you’re cutting through the three laws of robotics. You cannot make a robot hurt a human. You cannot make a robot to hurt itself. And I forgot the third one. I learned these laws from my teacher.

Have you been in any robotics competitions?

Yes, I have. I think the name was STEM Robotics Competition. Sadly, last year our robots lost all of their coding. Three of the robots didn’t work. The other robot could only go back and forth. The year before we got second place.

Do you code the robots?

I design and build the robots. Now that we have a 3D printer it will be easier because we can make certain alignments to the body and certain angles that we need.

Why do you enjoy robotics so much?

Because it gives me freedom to do what I want with things. Whatever you can imagine, you can build.


I’d like to be a lawyer

I like for people to be who they are and not try to act fake. And I like beautiful cultures; I like all people around the world.

Math is my favorite subject because you get to learn and use different stuff, like calculators and protractors. You get to create stuff.

Have you thought about a career you might like?

I’d like to be a lawyer. I’ve seen “Judge Judy.” I just want to be like that – tough, creative, and to see if people are lying or not.


Drawings, mosaics and sketches

Leonardo da Vinci inspired me because when I was little, I read about him. He actually did the “Mona Lisa” and I thought that that was very interesting and cool – so I started doing drawings, mosaics and sketches as my inspiration for art. He was very inspiring because first he didn’t know he wanted to be an artist. He just started painting and drawing, and then he didn’t even want to let out the “Mona Lisa.” But after he died, somebody found it and released it to a museum. I think that’s really interesting because I really don’t like to show my work, but I just like to see it. I’ve done about six art pieces this year and eight last year. I really don’t keep track. My favorite piece is a woman; she’s holding a bouquet of flowers. I like drawing people because it’s the easiest and most interesting.


I just started to love running

I like to play sports. My favorites are track, football and basketball. My dad started running and so he introduced me to running. I just started to love running and all those sports have a lot of running in it, and I’m like, “Maybe I can do that because I love running.” My farthest run has been five miles.

And I like orchestra. I was thinking about going to SVU for college because there is a musical scholarship. I play the cello.


Getting smarter

I want a higher IQ like Stephen Hawking.

How did you find out about Stephen Hawking?

I was just doing some research. I looked up some of the smartest people and he came up. He’s paralyzed. He had a disease but I can’t remember. And I thought, “If he can get that smart and he’s paralyzed, then maybe I can.” He is like an astrophysicist – or some kind of physicist.

Why do you think it’s good to be smart?

Well, it can help you get into places. Like, I’m trying to get into NASA. If I can’t do that, then I just want to be a zoologist.

What do you want to be at NASA? Do you want to be an astronaut?

No. It’s either going to be an engineer or one of, like, the head staff. My best thing is math. I like math a lot. Like, we are doing hands-on equations in our classroom and I’m at the highest.

Do you think that’s going to help you get into NASA?

Well, it’s helping me get smarter.

Dance is a nice outlet

I’m on a competition dance team and part of a dance studio called Twinkle Toes Performing Arts Company. I’m with their volunteer performance group and I’m also on staff there working one day a week in the office.

Why do you like dance?

I dance because it’s a nice outlet to get away from school and homework. It’s a nice break.

Do you want to become a dancer?

No. I want to go into the medical field. I want to become a medical examiner or something pathology related.


My dad’s in the Navy

My dad’s in the Navy. He’s a chef. Since I’ve never been on the ship with him, he took me on his ship. It was big. I got to play on a computer. I had two plates of food and I had grape juice. My daddy’s boss took me to the store on the ship and we got to get candy bars, and I took a nap on a fluffy dark pink pillow. Then when we got back home we had to go back to the ship because my daddy had to go out to sea. It’s going to be eight months.


I want to study criminal justice

The one thing I like about middle school is that there are different periods of activities we can do. Like, I was in orchestra and then I switched to AVID. It’s a college class and it prepares you for college.

Have you thought about college and a career?

Since I was little, my one thing was going into the military. But then, growing up – like, after I left fifth grade – I thought about first going to hair and nail school or the military, either or. And after I do five years in the military, going to a college in North Carolina for criminal justice. My mother did criminal justice; she went to Norfolk State and I used to go on campus with her growing up. I just want to go somewhere else and try something new.


I think we’re both connectors

“I think something that Courtney and I both pride ourselves in is that we never want to forget what it’s like to be a classroom teacher, so we do everything we can to support our staff. One thing that’s awesome about being a librarian is that we get to help teachers when we collaborate with them and enhance an idea or lesson that they have. It’s just nice to see them feel successful and be successful knowing that we helped them change something up or supported them to do something they may not have tried on their own.”

“Along those lines, a new thing right that everybody’s doing is the Breakout EDUs. We know very well how much time it takes to put those things together, so we love it when we can do that for a teacher. When we can take their content, collaborate with them and put that together and they get to experience something like that, it’s really exciting because the kids are super engaged and the teacher has learned something new and then inevitably we learn something new. We get excited about new content and it’s just fun to experience that with them.”

What do you like best about your work?

“I think that we both have that growth mindset in the sense that we want to stay abreast of current trends. We like finding new technological programs and figuring out how it could work for people here at school and how can they use it with their kids. I really enjoy that aspect. When we go to conferences, sometimes sessions are labelled ‘elementary,’ ‘middle,’ ‘high school.’ Well, a lot of times I like to go to an elementary session to see how they do it and then I’m like, that can easily be used here in the secondary level. We both like learning new things and sharing and collaborating. I feel like that culture is growing among our other high school librarians. We’ve even talked about having a middle school/high school meeting so we could all share things. I think we both enjoy that part of the job.”

“I think we’re both connectors which is why this job is suitable for us, like Jen said. And we’re both nerdy, lifelong learners. We always want to learn. When there is a conference or any kind of opportunity to learn something new, we’re always the ones saying, ‘Can we go please?’ We’re the connectors. We want to bring that back to the faculty and share that with the kids, too. I think that’s what makes us work well together.”

“And we like working with the community. We have this project we do with our English 10 core kids that we’re really proud of. It’s called A Community Problem Fair. It used to be that an English 10 research project was to pick a problem and discuss solutions. So we thought: Why don’t we make this more meaningful for these kids? We asked a lot of nonprofits in the area to come in and talk about local problems, like Lynnhaven River Now to talk about the environment and Samaritan House to talk about domestic abuse. So the students do an in-house field trip. The organizations come in and discuss their problems and the kids choose which problem they want to focus on. They research that organization and our databases, and they usually do a community service part of the project. The kids last year started a Toby’s Dream group here at school, which is like a local Make-A-Wish foundation, and they raised money to help a kid fulfill a dream. I get chill bumps thinking about it because, in a way, we’re helping teach them how to give back.”

“We also find a byproduct of the problem fair is that we have kids who have personal needs that make a connection to somebody who helps them. Like Jen said, a lot of these kids they might not have people at home getting them involved in philanthropy so we do a lesson beforehand. We go into the classrooms for a short lesson and we do an empathy video and we talk about helping others. We do this ‘wouldn’t it be nice if…’ statement. We read the statements and they’re like, ‘Wouldn’t it be nice if children weren’t abused.’ And it makes you think that these kids are dealing with so much. We bring these real life people in and the kids come up to us afterward and ask, ‘Can I talk to that lady because I really feel like I need to?’ A really beautiful thing that happened…we had this group that was new this year. It’s called SMILE. They raise money for kids who may not be able to afford things like prosthetic limbs or other needs. We had a…oh, I get so emotional about it. We had a student and he needed new hearing aids. He has a teacher aide who sits with him and he asked, ‘Well, could they help me?’ We connected him with SMILE and they were going to help him. And he was just one among others who had a need that was met that way.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not at work?

“I enjoy fishing with my family. I have three boys and they play baseball so I spend a lot of time at the baseball field. I just enjoy watching them play whatever sport is in season. I like to exercise. They say you are most like the five people you hang out with and my five core group of people, we like to be healthy. I like to be outside and be in nature.”

“My family is huge so I’m just a super family-oriented person. Whenever I am not here I’m doing something for family or with family, not just my immediate family but my aunts and uncles and cousins. I also like to be outdoors and be active. Once the weather changes we will be outside until the sun sets – playing, walking, running, beaching it. And of course, I like reading.”

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Making the library the heart of the school

I was a part-time special education teacher at Old Donation Center, in the old building, then became full-time. I was the first full-time special education teacher there. I loved special education because it was great to be able to work with kids you felt deserved a shot, deserved to be included, and it was good to be an advocate for them. So, I really didn’t have “librarian” on my radar – at all. I was doing well at Old Donation and switched over to Kempsville Middle School, and the reason librarian came on my radar was because one of my inclusion teachers was studying to become a librarian. She told me what libraries are all about today, which is very different than what a lot of people might imagine. It just seemed to really fit with my skill set and the things that I am passionate about, and I liked that I could have my hands all over the school and sort of create this community around the library. I really wanted the library to be a place that was the heart of the school and where kids could just feel comfortable – in a lot of ways, as comfortable as they would be in their own living room. Just coming in and reading a book, discovering and exploring technology, and creating.

I think I’ve always been somewhat of a curator. I always have been passionate about finding new things – whether it’s books or movies and recommending those things to other people so they can discover and be passionate about those things, too. That fit really well with me and my personality and going into the library science field. So, I’ve come here to Windsor Woods this year and it has been an amazing place with a wonderful administration, and they’ve allowed me to kind of forge my own path when it comes to the library. It’s been a lot of fun.

You said libraries are not what people imagine, so how would you describe school libraries today?

A lot of people might have a similar impression that I did: that it was a place where you had to be quiet and you just went there to find books – which is great, books are great and that’s still a core piece of what the library is – but it just starts there and has expanded to include all different kinds of resources. And that’s one of the biggest things that libraries do, provide access to learning resources so kids who wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to explore these things can explore them. It’s expanded to all forms of technology, whether it’s robots or virtual reality, or just exploring online resources, or even just playing with LEGOs – kids learn through exploration and play, so we foster that in the library. We just wanted it to be a place where kids wanted to be.

What do you like to do outside of work?

Well, I have two boys at home, ages 6 and 3, and they’re pretty much my world right now. Sharing a book with them has been one of the most special things that we do together. I do take a lot of books from the library and share them my boys, and we discover and share those things together. Outside of that, I’ve always been a movie guy. So, I’m a big nerd. I love science fiction movies and science fiction books – Star Trek, Star Wars and all that. I’m a Marvel guy, too. One of the first things I did when I got to the library was to take all of our graphic novels and put them in a section because I’ve always been a comic-book, graphic-novel guy. I wanted to promote and share that with the students here. I love to be able to watch students explore and grow, to share new things with them, to watch their passions grow and have them sort of discover who they are and what path they want to take.

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School is a mishmash of very interesting things

School is a mishmash of very interesting things. I like all my subjects. I like some more than others and some are more difficult than others. Like, in my history class I can remember all the concepts but I can’t remember a name or a date for the life of me. And classes like English and science, I find those really easy.

In AVID we are working on a cool project. I really like the idea of this. We had to do a personality test. I don’t really like the personality tests because some of these people aren’t actually psychologists. I mean, you can be an introvert or an extrovert in certain places. You can be innovative in one place and not that innovative in another. It changes.

So, we did that test and researched a little into that personality. Of course, I have to do two because I’m right in the middle of two of them. I have…I think it’s ENTP and INTP. Then we had to figure out some jobs that are appealing to those particular people. We had to research those on a job site. After that, we pick a job and then we’re creating a poster and a speech about it.

We had to select three jobs at the least. I had four. One is not exactly a coder…it’s a computer researcher. It’s funny to research something we created and we should know about, but they research possibilities for computers. There’s also a biophysicist and biochemist. I’m really interested in biology. And I also researched chemistry. For my presentation I picked biochemistry and biophysics. I have to figure out what they do and why is it important. But I also have to figure out payment rates, benefits, like healthcare and stuff.

I’ve been really wanting to pursue biology for a long time. I don’t know when I started liking science but my parents are both teachers so that helped a lot. Both my sister and I started with an interest in teaching, of course, but then we branched off into science. Then we branched off into our own pieces; I branched off into biology and she branched off into geology.

Biology started, then I liked zoology. Then I like microbiology. Then I liked, what’s it called…marine microbiology! Then I started to like marine virology. Then I branched off into just virology and I’ve been focusing on that for a while.

Although, of course it could change. I’m only in middle school.


I’m going to Virginia Tech for engineering

I recently decided that I’m going to Virginia Tech for engineering. I was really excited because sophomore year I actually committed for an athletic scholarship for Georgia Tech, but in September it got it taken away due to monetary reasons. The coaches called me one night and said that, after two years of being committed, we don’t have the money for you anymore. It was tough after that just not knowing what I was doing the next four years. It was just like: What do I do now? Then Virginia Tech came along and then the application process and I was very happy that I got in. I’m going to walk on (the baseball team) at Tech.

And you plan to become an engineer?

Yes. This summer I actually have an internship with W.M. Jordan which is a construction engineering company out of Hampton Roads. Hopefully, after each year of college I’ll go back to them and hopefully, after college I will get a job with them and have a career there. I’m excited for that.


I like learning different things

I like math because you learn different things and you can immediately relate it to your own life. I relate it to football. I’ve been playing since I was 4.

I play other sports. I like learning different things. I like traveling. I’ve gone lots of places for family reunions. I play AAU basketball and I travel a lot of places. We go everywhere. I play baseball and we went to Florida.

I started wrestling this year. I got fifth place in the city championships. My football coach told me to try wrestling because it would help with my football skills and tackling, and I just wanted to do it because I like to stay active.

Have you thought about what you’d like to do when you’re older?

If I don’t make it to the pros, I would like to be a police officer and help people stay safe.


I want to be a marine biologist

I want to be a marine biologist because I really like the ocean and I want to learn about it. I made a project about overfishing and it’s in the hall. I made three posters and I’m still working on it. There are two pictures and there’s a paper to tell people about overfishing.

What do you like doing when you’re not at school?

I like to play outside and draw pictures or play music. I play the ukulele. I’ve played for two years.


The college decision process

I’m going through the college decision process. It’s been kind of tough because I was accepted to the University of Virginia, William and Mary, and Virginia Tech, and I’m having a harder time than most of my friends because it’s slowly getting down to the wire where everyone knows where they want to go and you’re the last person who doesn’t. William and Mary is my entire family’s alma mater so I’ve been going there since I was really little, and I didn’t even need to look at the campus because I’ve been there so many times. It was so in my mind that I didn’t even know there were other universities out there. So when I was applying colleges I was like: Wow, there are all these different schools. I visited a bunch and I really liked the University of Virginia. It’s just been kind of difficult to decide where I want to go, especially choosing a major over having all your friends and going to a school where you’re comfortable but you’re not getting outside of your comfort zone. I’m just having to decide between that and that’s kind of where I’m at right now.

When do you have to make your decision?

May 1. I want to study political science/pre-law. My grandfather went to William and Mary and went the pre-law track and went to law school at George Washington, and I want to do almost the exact same thing as him. And after being a defense attorney, he became a judge, which is what I also want to do. So, it’s kind of hard to not just follow his same path and go to a different school. I’m trying to decide between the two of them.


I’m a professional ballroom dancer

I’m a professional ballroom dancer. I have 43 first place medals. I’ve been ballroom dancing for, I’d say, five years. My sister was a ballroom dancer before me and then I got in trouble, so my mom decided to put me in the ballroom class. I ended up loving it! It just lets me express my feelings and creativity through dance. It’s just been a passion of mine since then.

Have you thought about what you’d like to do when you grow up?

Actually, I’m moving to Alaska. I’m moving to a small town – Dillingham, Alaska. It has 2,000 people in it. My high school will have 500 people. I’m moving after this year. My dad got a job there. He’s a dentist.

What I want to be when I grow up is a general surgeon. My family has been in the medical field so I’ve just been surrounded by that. And it’s just been an interest for me since I’ve watched this show, “Grey’s Anatomy,” and I looked more into it – what they do, what their salary is, their duties and drawbacks.


Making connections behind the scenes

I’m in my 29th year working at Virginia Beach City Public Schools. I have a lot of background and history with VBCPS. I feel like the ‘HQ Answer Man.’

I like being able to give answers – providing our users with the right answer – and if I don’t know the answer I know who to ask to get the answer.

I love volunteering.

I do a lot of work through church with Chesapeake Area Shelter Team (CAST).  We provide meals and a place to sleep for the homeless.  I also coordinate Thanksgiving dinner Meals on Wheels and do that with my family. We serve over 180 meals Thanksgiving morning.

I’m a mentor with the VBCPS Making Waves program.  My mentee is a seventh-grade female at Landstown Middle School.  It’s my third year mentoring her.

I love working for VBCPS and making connections for our customers and Department of Technology teams behind the scenes.

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I kind of rolled into this

I’ve been with School Plant going on three years. I grew up most of my life in Virginia Beach. I was born in Fort Raleigh, Kansas and from there, we went to Baumholder, Germany. When I was entering preschool, we moved to Virginia Beach. I attended Kempsville Meadows then I moved away to West Point Military Academy when my father was stationed in the Army as a Colonel. I was there for two years. When he retired we came back home, lived down in Sandbridge, and I attended Princess Anne Middle and Kellam High School. I met my wife at Kellam High School. She is now a teacher in Chesapeake. We have a son who attends Red Mill Elementary.

I did a little bit of college at Campbell University and I owned my own business – Supercuts Hair Salon. I was an owner franchise for seven years and sold it. I also worked in the collision center at Beach Ford as a manager. I kind of rolled into this. My brother was in the construction business so, on the weekends, I would help him out and I finally got into the construction business. When I sold my business it gave me the opportunity to be a stay-at-home dad for two years, which is really cool. Not too many people can have that opportunity. I got to spend the first two years of my child’s life with him. Then, I knew a guy who worked with the school division and he suggested that I apply. I enjoy it. I love it and I’m still here.

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I like to help other people do art

I like art in school because I do art at home and everywhere I go. I have markers and crayons and pencils and pens, and I even have them upstairs in my room. And when I’m at school and I’m doing art, I like to help other people do art.

How do you help people with art?

Like, if they did not know how to do art and it was their first day of doing art, I could just, like, tell them how to do art.

Is there something you like to draw?

I like drawing cards for other people.


I have 11 scholarships

I’m a junior and I play football and basketball here. That’s what I want to do in college and also study sports medicine. My philosophy with that is if I don’t go as far as I want to with football, I’ll still be around the sport or around sports. I have a lot of options right now but I plan on narrowing it down over spring break. I have 11 scholarships. I’m going to narrow it down to five and chose from there, which is kind of tough. Hopefully I’ll make the right choice. And then I get five official visits, so that will also help me decide. I’ll commit before my senior year. I want to get it out of the way.

Have you ever suffered an injury?

Yes…I’ve had a lot. The only time I had to do physical therapy was when I broke my ankle. Physical therapy can be tough sometimes, but it was fun learning as I was doing it. I do ask our trainers a lot of questions. One of my family members does sports medicine, so I kind of pick up and learn from them as much as I can.


Mission trip with Operation Smile

I just got back from my mission trip with Operation Smile to Paraguay. Operation Smile is an organization that I’ve been involved with since fifth grade with the Final Mile and then I was part of the middle school club at Plaza for the IB program. I’ve been trying to get our club rolling here.

The mission trip to Paraguay was probably in the top three of my life experiences ever. It was amazing! The connection you had with the children’s parents was so strong but you couldn’t even really communicate with them because they spoke a different language; it was all through love and your actions toward taking care of their children. They were basically giving their child to you and putting their trust in you. It was an unbelievable experience.

We were student educators – that was our role on the mission. We had six different health modules that we brought along with us. There was dental hygiene, burn care, oral rehydration therapy, CPR/Heimlich maneuver, nutrition, and handwashing. It was interesting to see their excitement to learn about it. There were local volunteers who live in Paraguay who translated for us. We would speak in English and they would say it in Spanish.

What did you personally learn from the experience?

It did put things in perspective. I get a little worked up about school work or I’ll get stressed about tests and stuff, and it made me feel very relaxed when I came back to school. I was, like, school is important but it is not the only thing in life that’s important. There is a lot more to people’s happiness than people getting good grades and getting into a good college. A lot more comes out of the love you give to people and the love that people give back to you and helping others.


I like everything about math

I like math. I like fractions. I like adding and subtracting fractions. It’s just fun. I like numbers – I like everything about math. Decimals. It’s really fun to me to add and subtract them. I tell my friend every day that I can’t wait until math, and I think it really annoys her because I say it every day. We have math after lunch. We have math from 1 until the end of the day.

Do you want to use math in a future career?

I don’t know. I really do like it. I like to draw, too. I like to draw and I like to paint. I want to be an artist when I grow up…and, I also want to be a teacher. My mom said I could be, like, an art teacher.

I like to draw animals and landscapes. I like to draw dogs. They’re fun. And cats. They’re fun. I have a dog. Her name is Roxy. She’s a bulldog. She’s 9 and her birthday is the same as mine – April 14.

I’m most passionate about helping people

I’d say I’m most passionate about helping people. I’ve kind of come to this idea that helping people can be more than just your job. You know, when it comes to doctors and nurses, they physically help people. But when I think about writers, I think they help people…it really shapes people. I’ve read some really incredible literature and met some incredible characters that have either brought out some truths in myself or made a connection.

I think the same thing goes with teachers. I feel like teachers go in knowing that they can help students. They might think that it’s just subjects that they can help them with, but I think they don’t understand they can really help kids. You can really shape a student…give them a guided path. That’s why I always talk about Mrs. Anderson. Everyone knows that I’m her No. 1 fan just because when I first got into high school, I didn’t know what I was doing. I didn’t know where I was going, where I saw myself with college, and with classes and everything. When I met her, she was so passionate about her job that it kind of led me to realize my own passions and to pursue them and to really work at them. I’ve always had my parents to be that guide but to have somebody outside of my house…you know, I go to school five days a week and to have somebody there that you can go to, ask questions, talk to, it really just was amazing to me. So I really credit her with making me think and make those decisions that I wasn’t so sure about, and just, kind of, established me as a person, I’d say.

The same goes with some other teachers that have really put me on this path and introduced me to so many things. Last year, my history teacher, Ms. Roach, told me about our Student Advisory Board at the school. I heard about it over the announcements but I really never thought about doing it. But her telling me, “I think this would be really good for you. I think you would be really good at this,” – her going out of her way, it was encouraging.  And then Ms. Hurst this year and telling me about this program, Official for a Day. I’d never heard of it.

When I think about our teachers, I feel like so many of them are really incredible. Whenever I’m in Ms. Hurst’s class – she has a little “Weekend Update” – and, so no matter what class she has, she will take those 10 minutes just to really…care. She will stop for second, reflect and just be like, “What are you guys up to?” It is just something so easy and quick that’s just nice. It makes the classroom so comfortable. With her, she’s one of those teachers you could confide in and she would understand you and she would just talk to you. She’s kind of been like this little spirit, this light in my day that I appreciate so much.

Kind of going back to my idea of helping people…I think there are a lot of ways that you can help people, and I like that a lot. Even other careers…musicians, artists, painters, writers, directors, even athletes for some people – I think it’s important for other people to find that passion, to find that person that can help them.


I like coaching little kids

I’m a maintenance supervisor with the school division.

I have two children – an 11-year-old son and a 7-year-old son. I coach my 7-year-old son in basketball and soccer. It’s pretty much what we do. We do a lot of sports and a lot of stuff with kids. That’s my passion. I like coaching little kids and helping them grow. I do it on the weekends.

 How did you get involved in coaching?

I kind of got roped into soccer. Virginia Rush Soccer didn’t have enough coaches so they needed parents or they were going to have to dissolve teams, and I didn’t want the kids to not be able to play. So I volunteered to coach and I was having so much fun I just kept doing it, and now I’ve been doing it for four years.

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I’m a hockey fanatic

I’ve worked with VB Schools for five years. Prior to that I worked at a culinary institute: Johnson and Wales Culinary Institute in Norfolk. I was the assistant to the chefs and to the director of culinary. I worked there for almost 10 years. I worked with their curriculum, visiting chefs and events. I learned about the culinary aspect. And actually working here now, I’ve come across many students and teachers that I’ve worked with in the past.

 What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?

I’m a hockey fanatic. I watch the Capitals play all the time. I was a season ticket holder for many years. I enjoy hockey a lot. It’s a fun game. The fans are awesome. The players are awesome. I really enjoy it.

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Softball is my favorite sport

Usually in spring and fall I like to do softball, which is my favorite sport. In the winter I hang out with my friends and family. I play for Courthouse. I’m on the Dolphins team. I play first, second, or right field. I’ve played for six or seven seasons. Two seasons equal a year so I’ve been playing since I was 6 or 7.


Are there other sports that you like?

I like to watch football with my family. My favorite team is the Patriots.


I like to do some jump roping

My favorite subject is math. My dad teaches me some math before I even go to that grade, like multiplication.

What do you like to do at home?

At home I like to do some jump roping.

I can probably jump rope up to, like, 16, but sometimes it gets tangled in the furniture so I can’t do that much. And I like to draw at my house. I like to draw dogs and I like to draw bunnies and I like to draw anything cute.

Have you thought about what kind of job you might want to have when you grow up?

I might want to be a teacher so I can do fun activities. I want to teach them math and maybe some science.


I really just love reading

What I really like about school is reading. I really just love reading. I take books to lunch. I like going to the library. I like every subject but the only thing I really don’t like is writing. Besides that, I really like everything else.

What do you like to do when you’re not at school?

I enjoy, of course, playing video games, but I also enjoy playing outside because I really like football and basketball. I have a lot friends where I live that I can play with.

Have you thought about what you want to do when you get older?

There are lots of things! I think my top things would either be a professional athlete or a teacher, because I really just like to talk to kids and be able to teach them stuff – not even just about academics but about life, too. Those are the two main things I think about.

What would you like to teach?

I feel like I’d want to teach sixth-graders and I’d want to teach them social studies. I like learning about history and how people and civilizations have grown.