For somebody my age

Volunteer Plaza MS Janice Roller

“For somebody my age, school is so different now than it was then. Volunteering helps you keep your finger on the pulse. It helps you keep current; it keeps you active and you feel like you are doing something for the community. I just enjoy helping the kids. I don’t expect to see any of them on Project Runway, but it exposes them to something else. Maybe when they are in college and they rip their jeans, they can get a needle and thread and fix that seam or sew on a button – things like that. Life skills that we all need. We have a good time.” #VolunteersOfVBCPS


Future Dentist

“I’ve always been one of the little kids that loved going to the dentist.  When I was about eight years old I would go to the dentist with my grandmother who had Alzheimer’s to help my dentist with her and he like said like “Hey, do you want to help out?” and as a little kid that is so much fun.  So I would help out with my grandmother over the years and I just like became more interested.  I just started asking questions and then the summer before my freshman year I shadowed so I got to experience the day in the life of dentist and became even more interested in the career.”

“As a former Division I wrestler,

Princess Anne MS James Arnett

“As a former Division I wrestler, I find myself enjoying challenges. Teaching middle school can be very challenging. Whenever I am asked what I do, you can imagine the look on that person’s face when I tell them I teach sixth-grade math. I let them know my job is flat out fun. I get to work with students who are going through one of the biggest changes in their lives. The transition is tough to go from elementary to middle school and I get to be on the front line. My responsibility is to educate, challenge, and make school a great environment for them. I enjoy this challenge and strive to do things better each day, each year.

And, have you ever had a conversation with a middle school student? They are smart, unique, adjusting to big changes in their worlds, hilarious and sometimes just plain awesome.”

I made it for my grandfather.

MilitaryChild DogTags

“I made it for my grandfather. He got me the bracelet in the drawing and those are his dog tags. It’s just to resemble that he made it through and he has the dog tags. Those are my hands. It took me almost a month to draw it because I had lay the dog tags out on my hands while trying to draw with this hand. I was just going to put a random name or design, and my mom said, ‘Well, your grandpa was in the Navy.’ So, it says Ray Melvin Roundtree. The names go from bottom to top.”

Why volunteer? I think it’s important because

Image of an Alanton Elementary WatchDOG volunteer“I think it’s important because it provides a good example to the other students, it models good parent-child relationships, it shows that it’s good to be involved. I just notice all the kids in the class are always excited when they see a parent here whether it’s me here with Watch D.O.G.S. or when I notice other volunteers. There are many reasons why volunteering is excellent, and just one of them is modeling good relationships.”

I guess I am passionate about just

Image of a Bayside High student

“I found out what I’m passionate about and I did it by eating pizza. The thing is I’m passionate about a lot of things, but what I’m most passionate about, you know, being Italian and all in my blood (that’s more like Dracula, but anyway – I’m passionate about food. I love to cook. I love to eat it, oh, I love to eat it. I’ll eat anything, well, I wont eat anything…I really love food. I’m passionate about it.”

Before, I didn’t know what I wanted to do

Image of a Green Run High Military Student“Before, I didn’t know what I wanted to do. Now, I know exactly what I want to do, and I’m ready for life after high school. I was planning on enlisting in the military, but Cmdr. Brown has mentored me, telling me that I have officer potential with my knowledge and skills. The instructors really do care about you. They’re not here just to make you do what they want you to do. They actually guide you on the right path and I’m really grateful to them for that. They put me on the right path.”