I like to make books


I like to make books. I’m starting one about Hogwarts. I have one about baseball, Star Wars… I made a Finding Dory book. On the Finding Dory one I told the same story because it’s easy for me to tell the stories if I put it in a book. Sometimes I do it on the computer; I’m not very good at that yet. Right now I’m making paper books though I’m starting a series on the computer. My latest book though is a paper book. It’s the one about Hogwarts. I haven’t finished that one yet. I just made the cover yesterday.

Do you want to be an author when you grow up?

Basically, YES! On my “All About Me” thing, it asked what you want to be when you grow up, and I said, “Author.” I have thousands of books! I started when I was like six…and now I’m eight. I have one in my desk right now that’s not finished, but I’m on the last chapter.

It must be hard to hand write chapter books.

My hand gets tired. Sometimes I put my pencil down and just lay back and take a break. Then start doing it all again.


My family is my driving passion


My family is my driving passion. I have twins, a boy and a girl, who are 11. My wife works at Kellam with me and I have worked with her for years. I basically like to hang out and spend a lot of time with them. I like to surf and fish, and I truly do like American history. I spend a lot of time reading American history and visiting a lot of local sites whenever I get a chance.

I think my love of family comes more than anything from my parents. I have a father who is still alive. My mother passed away 11 years ago. We were always a very close family, and the relationships that they had with my sister and me reminds me of the relationships that I have with my kids. That’s something that keeps me grounded and reminds me of the relationship that I had with my mom. She’s not around anymore so that’s important to me.


Being a big sister


I have two brothers and one sister. My youngest brother is a baby. He’s like two months old. I have a little bit older brother who is one. I have a little sister who is four.

Being a big sister means it’s my responsibility when my mom asks me to do something with my little sister and my little brother, to do it. It’s my responsibility. It’s a lot of hard work because if Hudson wants something, that’s the 1 year old’s name, and if the baby is crying…I have to do a bunch of things.

What do you like to do when you’re not helping mom?

I like to ride my bike because I get to play with my friends. We have to watch out for cars. I also like reading. I really like it because if you read a chapter book it gets really interesting, like if there is a problem to solve. The Magic Tree House books, they are really interesting. I’m going to buy the whole set. I like the characters and I always love at the ending, especially if they get surprised.


This is why I’m a teacher


I love that every day is different. The kids make me laugh, and I think if you can make children laugh and they know you believe in them, and you really do believe in them, they’ll do whatever you ask. You can tell them, “You’re amazing,” but you have to show them that they’re amazing and you have to show them how great they are. They’re just amazing. And some days you just don’t love your job, and you go home. Yesterday I went home and I was not loving my job because I felt inundated with paperwork and I was all stressed out. I was thinking, “Why am I a teacher?” I’m sorting through my papers and this letter falls out. I can’t even read it to you. I’ll let you read it.

I do a letter at the beginning of the year explaining why I’m a teacher and how excited I am to meet each one of them and how much I love reading. They are supposed to write a letter back explaining who they are and what they need for me to know and about their families. So this was a letter a boy had written at the beginning of the year, he’d been sick so he turned it in late; and I’m crying.

So you get reminded on a regular basis of why you do this job. He’s so excited to come to school and hear stories, and he’s excited to read with me. He is excited every morning when he wakes up and shows up at the door ready to go. His letter was amazing and it came at the best time. It was so random; it fell out of this stack of papers. I was so overwhelmed and then…this is why I’m a teacher.


Passionate about running


Outside of school one of my major passions is running. I’ve been a runner my whole life and I’m actually a pacer for the J&A training team. That’s like a subgroup for J&A Racing; they put on all the big races in the area like Shamrock and the Wicked 10K. I work with the team twice a year: the fall training team and the spring training team. I’m the 10-minute pacer and I love what I do because I’ve been a runner forever. It’s a chance to improve yourself at any given stage in life and for me, a lot of it started as way to get away and mentally think about things and process things. It’s a chance for me to relieve some stress, too, because no matter if it’s good stress or bad stress there always needs to be an outlet.


The next Tony Stark


These days I have an interest in human/robotic combinations, genetics, arthropods, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

I’m thinking about building an industrial company someday. In the early days…I mean, there are just so many stages of my career that I’m thinking about. I’m thinking about oceanography. I’m thinking about being an arthropod biologist. I’m also thinking about industrial technology, cybernetics, and, well, generally just things that would help people. I’m just thinking about so many things! I mean cybernetics would be a next gen thing for humankind. Have you ever heard of the Six Million Dollar Man? My grandmother told me about that. I’m thinking about trying to do things like that. I’m thinking about how to be a good robotics industrialist. Let’s just say I want to be the next Tony Stark in many different ways.


I’ve always wanted to be a teacher


I have always wanted to be a teacher, as long as I can remember. I even went through all my elementary school papers and found a paper I wrote about how I wanted to be a teacher. It was probably third or fourth grade. I love kids. I love being around kids. I love doing activities with them. And I’ve always wanted to make a difference. I think teaching is the best way to do it because they are the future.


Reading chapter books


I like reading chapter books. I like when it has words on one page and then on the other page it has pictures. Then you have two pages that have words, and it goes in a pattern. When I first get a book, I don’t just grab another book because I like that book and just keep reading it and reading it. When I get a chapter book from the library, I like to take it home and read on the bus. And sometimes, if I’m angry at home, I like to read a little bit. When I calm down, I just go back downstairs.


I’m very proud I am Hungarian


I’m very proud I am Hungarian. It’s a really small country and I feel honored to be here. You don’t hear often of people saying, “I’m from Hungary.” You just don’t.

In school here they aren’t like grade, grade, grade — it’s more like getting to know the things. In social studies we’re getting to know the land. In language arts it isn’t about the grade, it’s about getting to love reading. Here, you have more fun but you still learn the same amount.

I don’t say this often but I am so proud that I can achieve the most that I want in a different country. I want to coach wrestling. I started wrestling two years ago in Hungary. It isn’t hard for me, but what is hard is not knowing how to be better when I want to be better. When my parents told me we had to move here, I was happy that my dad didn’t have to come here alone. We could support him. But I was sad because my other family is in Hungary and so are my friends. I know when I go to practice I will just forget about it and I will just concentrate on my wrestling. It’s such a good feeling when you’ve found what you love, love, love. That, or I want to work in the military like my dad. If those two things don’t work out, then I want to be a police officer, fighting crime, maybe putting my wrestling moves to use.


Students are strength of the school


I worked for the Department of Labor for a program that is known as the Job Corps program. I was in management there. My last position was in Pennsylvania, and the weather was so bad that year I thought, “It’s time to go.” So my brother lived here and said, “Come to Virginia Beach. Winters are nice.”

I started working here at Woodstock in August 2002 and actually came in with the new building in November of 2002. It is a very special place. It’s really easy to share with people when you believe in what you do and you believe in the staff. Greeting the students, greeting the parents and, over the course of the years, just seeing how they get to fifth grade and then sixth grade. We have a large group of students who come back to Woodstock to volunteer over the summer and I really encourage that because it makes us who were are. It’s the strength of the school – the students. I’ve enjoyed working with the little ones and the staff here at Woodstock. What I really enjoy is the students and just how over time they’ve matured, how they’ve grown and graduated and come back. That’s what’s really special to my heart because those are the kinds of relationships and friendships that last for a lifetime. I enjoy that a lot. Once a woodchuck, always a woodchuck.


Playing soccer and reading


When I’m not at school I like to read. It passes the time very easily. And if I’m not playing soccer, I get very bored. If I can’t play soccer, I just read. I like to read Harry Potter and Percy Jackson.

I learned to play soccer in Africa. I was born in Africa. I was adopted and came here probably when I was six. I’ve been at Christopher Farms four years. I have two brothers who came with me. In Africa, soccer balls are just mushed up socks tied together. Soccer is fun and you run a lot, and a lot of kids work as a team.

What makes a team successful?

That they like each other and trust each other.


Be the best person I can be


I am the SCA President this year. I always try to be a role model even if I didn’t get something. I always try to be the best person I can be. I try to help others a lot and be someone they can trust. My brothers were SCA president here, too, so I kind of followed in their footsteps. In our family, we try to help each other. Like if I don’t understand something in school, Tyler, my brother, he always tries to help me so I can figure it out.


I just love Kingston



I like going on adventures. I’m that person who just likes being outdoors. I like nature. Sometimes when I’m in the car, I either read a book or I stare out the window and look at the trees. My sister says, “Come on, let’s play.” And I say, “I’m looking at trees right now.” And she says, “That’s boring.” I say, “No it’s not.”

I like going to school. I don’t think its torture. I think it is fun. You learn new stuff and your mind just like explodes to things that you don’t know about. When I’m not at school I like playing badminton. I like grocery shopping. I think shopping for clothes, well, I’m not a big fan of it. It gets boring to me. I like playing video games also, mostly on my iPad. I like exploring new things. I like researching about stuff and exploring new games and also chatting with my friends.

Also, I love reading books. I just think they are so interesting. But sometimes, when I just read the summary, I think it’s great, but when I start reading it, it doesn’t turn out that good. I like books with mystery because it just gives you a hitch.

I just love Kingston. It’s like the best school I’ve been too so far! I’ve been to two other schools. Then I moved to India because that’s where my grandparents were. Then after a year, I moved back to Virginia Beach and to Kingston. My other schools weren’t Digital Anchor Schools, so it’s really cool that you get your own laptop and everything. My sister is in kindergarten here, and every day she’s just like, “I’m so excited to go to Kingston!” She makes new friends every day, and I guess she just loves it here!


I want to become a biological engineer


I took AP Biology last year and I loved it. I like working with animals and dissecting them. I just like dissecting stuff. I know it’s weird. I also like working with plants to see how they grow and prosper throughout the environment. I want to become a biological engineer and work at NASA. I want to work on a shuttle that can go into space. My uncle, one of his shuttles was the first one to work and he made a lot of money. He works for NASA.


Reading gives you adventures


We have a book club at school. Sometimes we share the books or write summaries. And also, sometimes, we may try to write our very own stories.

What would you write about?

Hmmm, maybe I would write a fiction one, like about a kid who goes an adventure or something. But you could write about anything.

I love reading! I get to use my imagination. Once I got so deep into a book, it was like I was in the book! It feels like nothing else. It feels like you’re inside the book. Reading gives you a lot of adventures and can help you learn, like with non-fiction.


My kids motivate me


What motivates me is to make a difference in somebody’s life. I started going back to church and I am a deacon now. I was a junior deacon at age 12 and it’s been some 40 some years. It used to be my kids that motivated me, but all of them are grown. They still motivate me to go to work so I can show them that you still have to work, and all of the values of having a good household, a good home and taking care of yourself are worth it.


Driven by my family


Basically, I am entirely driven by my family. I have two young sons – a two year old and a nine month old between my wife and me. She is also a teacher, and our children drive us to do what we do. I think I’ve become a better teacher since having kids because I try to put every student first because they are somebody else’s world. I think, “How would I want my kids to be treated by the leaders and teachers who are supposed to model things for them?” So my goal is to get my students to be the students that I want my kids to be. At the same time, it drives me to be a better parent because I hope that my kids are like my students. It’s a whole circle-of-life, Lion King kind of thing.


My goal is to make an impact


I didn’t want to be a teacher at first, even though I do love being around kids. I wanted to be a pediatrician. Then I saw how much schooling it was. I thought, “That’s a lot of school.” Then I switched over to athletic training because that still deals with medicine and I could still work with kids. But then, in my first Virginia Teachers for Tomorrow class, we were just talking, and that’s when I knew that teaching kids is the job I really want to do. I want to work with kindergarteners.

My main goal is to make an impact. That’s always been my goal with any job, to make an impact in people’s lives. And kids are the next generation of adults, so I think what better way to make an impact than on kids when they are young.

I never, ever, ever thought I’d want to be a teacher. I would always think about the money. I would think why would you? But it’s not about the money. It’s a really important job. I think it’s really  ̶  I guess “amazing” would be the word  ̶  that you’re teaching someone how to be a person. That’s the main reason why I want to be in kindergarten; you’re molding them.