I want to tell you about my birthday

Posted Jun 18, 2018

I want to tell you about my birthday in the summer. My birthday is July 21. And when it’s my birthday, we’re going to go to Chuck E. Cheese and TGI Fridays, and then I will have a hot fudge sundae. I like how they put the chocolate on the bottom so you can mix it and then eat it. And when we do that, people can give me my presents and then I can open them. When we go to Chuck E. Cheese, we will play a lot of games. My favorite game at Chuck E. Cheese is the one where…do you know there’s like this fox that has to get this gem? There is a big ball and you can roll it around, and when you roll it around, it moves the character. Then you might get hit with this laser – you have to go really fast – if you get hit with the laser then it will be game over.

Are you pretty good at that game?

Yes. Even my sisters are, too.

Is there anything else you want people to know about you?

How about my pets – can I tell you about my pets? So, I have three pets: a dog, a cat and a hamster. My dog’s name is Sadie and she likes to jump on people and wag her tail so hard. Sometimes she goes wild when she sees people. She starts to bark if she sees squirrels or birds. She’ll just jump on the tree and put her paws there, and then just jump and bark at them to get their attention. They still just go up and up so she can’t reach them. And my cat, Dulce, he’s 9 years old and my dog is 5. He is one big cat and he’s really lazy, and sometimes he’s really shy about Sadie. Sometimes he comes downstairs but he usually stays in my sister’s room. He likes to sleep and if you bother him, he’ll be really mad and hiss at you. My sister has a hamster named Franklin and he’s just a baby, like 0 years old or 1. He likes to chew on those bars for your cages. Even now he looks like he has a jungle for his cage.

Of those three pets do you have a favorite?

It’s Sadie.