The Unlucky Four-Leaf Clover

Posted May 22, 2018

My favorite subject is probably math because I’m always thinking up different strategies. Sometimes my strategies are a little bit too complicated for the class.

I also really like writing because it’s when I can write all of my ideas. Like, once I wrote a story called “The Unlucky Four-Leaf Clover.” It was about three girls, and a girl named Maddie found a four-leaf clover. Her other friend said it would be good luck and then her other friend, Lily, said, “I don’t know guys, it has a rip in the leaf.” Then they said, “Sooo?” – and this is just the introduction. And then Lily said, “If a four-leaf clover has a rip in the leaf that means it’s unlucky.” But then Maddie just kept it anyway. Then one day, they went to McDonald’s and she asked for a Big Mac – so did everyone else. They all got Big Macs except Maddie; she got chicken nuggets and it’s her least favorite food at McDonald’s.

Was she carrying that unlucky clover?

Yeah. And then, eventually in the end of the story she tried to throw away the clover, but the next morning it was hanging above her on a piece of string like a spider. And that’s the end of the story.

Are there other unlucky things that happened to her in the story?

She fell on her bike and she was still carrying the four-leaf clover. I was trying to be very descriptive and said that the bruise looked a dinosaur had bit her on the knee.

There was this other story I made, and I forgot what it was called, but I eventually ended it because I didn’t know what else to do, so I just ended it like a cliffhanger.

Have you thought about a job you might like to have?

If I can’t decide between a teacher or an artist, I’d probably chose an art teacher since that’s a thing. I couldn’t figure out whether to be a teacher or an artist because I really want to be a math teacher.

You still can be.

I know, but I don’t want to keep up with two jobs.