Taking time for myself

Posted Feb 26, 2017

I have a two-year-old. My focus at home is him and then I’ve been trying to work on myself this year – making sure I take time for myself and get into exercise and working out a little bit more. I feel like when I take that time for myself, it makes me better here at school and at home.

And my kids here are great. I really like fifth grade. I taught kindergarten and first grade for about ten years. When Dr. Reese asked me to come over here, she said all she had was fifth grade. I thought: What? Fifth-grade! But I love it. I do. Some of the things are exactly the same – social aspects like friendship issues and kindness things. At the same time, fifth-graders’ level of independence and humor, they’re on a whole other level as far as conversation goes. They get so excited – not that first-graders don’t get excited about things – but it’s different. We’re doing all this work with the American Revolution and they love it. They’re so passionate about what they’ve learned about the Declaration of Independence and Patrick Henry, and I think it ties in so well with what’s happening today. They are seeing our government in action with a new president. It’s a learning experience for me, too, because coming from first-grade to fifth-grade was all new. [With first-graders,] we were talking about how George Washington was the first president. In fifth grade, we’re talking about how the Constitution written in the 1700s applies today. I try to tie it all back to the history as much as I can.