School is a mishmash of very interesting things

Posted Apr 10, 2018

School is a mishmash of very interesting things. I like all my subjects. I like some more than others and some are more difficult than others. Like, in my history class I can remember all the concepts but I can’t remember a name or a date for the life of me. And classes like English and science, I find those really easy.

In AVID we are working on a cool project. I really like the idea of this. We had to do a personality test. I don’t really like the personality tests because some of these people aren’t actually psychologists. I mean, you can be an introvert or an extrovert in certain places. You can be innovative in one place and not that innovative in another. It changes.

So, we did that test and researched a little into that personality. Of course, I have to do two because I’m right in the middle of two of them. I have…I think it’s ENTP and INTP. Then we had to figure out some jobs that are appealing to those particular people. We had to research those on a job site. After that, we pick a job and then we’re creating a poster and a speech about it.

We had to select three jobs at the least. I had four. One is not exactly a coder…it’s a computer researcher. It’s funny to research something we created and we should know about, but they research possibilities for computers. There’s also a biophysicist and biochemist. I’m really interested in biology. And I also researched chemistry. For my presentation I picked biochemistry and biophysics. I have to figure out what they do and why is it important. But I also have to figure out payment rates, benefits, like healthcare and stuff.

I’ve been really wanting to pursue biology for a long time. I don’t know when I started liking science but my parents are both teachers so that helped a lot. Both my sister and I started with an interest in teaching, of course, but then we branched off into science. Then we branched off into our own pieces; I branched off into biology and she branched off into geology.

Biology started, then I liked zoology. Then I like microbiology. Then I liked, what’s it called…marine microbiology! Then I started to like marine virology. Then I branched off into just virology and I’ve been focusing on that for a while.

Although, of course it could change. I’m only in middle school.