I’ve made a lot of platform games

Posted Apr 26, 2018

Scratch is basically like a website where you can make your own game and code it. Then you can share it and people worldwide can look at it, like it and follow you. I have three followers. I’ve made a lot of platform games. You use the arrow keys to move around; then you can jump and all that jazz.

Why are you interested in this?

When I was younger I started counting at a very young age. When I was maybe 1.5 years old, I always wanted to do addition because my cousin lived with me at my grandma’s house and she showed me: one plus one is two. And I started memorizing. By preschool I was already doing multiplication, but only the basics. Then I kept doing it and my mom asked me if I wanted to keep going with math and I said, “Yeah, this is really fun.” So we signed up for a program called Kumon. Now I’m basically at the highest level so far. My cousin is at the highest, too. She’s two grades older than me. We’re at the same exact level.

What do you hope to do in the future for a career? Will you use math?

It’s just like the complete opposite. I want to be a judge or a lawyer, but I like doing math so I don’t exactly know. But I’m trying to go for a judge because I like history and law and all that stuff because it’s really fun, too. I don’t know why I like history. It’s just fun learning about a lot of people.

First I wanted to be one of those doctors or a dentist. When I got to fourth grade I learned about more jobs in the future, and then I finally figured out a judge. On social studies tests I always get 100s, so I’m pretty confident about that.

Is there anything else you want people to know?

I like playing soccer too. I play on Rush. I have many friends that do soccer too. I also play piano. I’ve played for 3.5 years. For me, I think it’s really funny to see my fingers running around scales and it’s just enjoyable when I’m bored. Then I have to go to competitions. I’m trying out for a higher competition and if I win, I get like $300 or something.

What will you do with the money?

I don’t know yet about that. I gotta win first.