I love working with the kids

Posted Jan 8, 2018

I have been working for VBCPS Food Services for 12 years but I’ve always worked in food. I was at Panera for like 8 years. I was a manager of the deli/bakery department of a grocery store for maybe 20 years.

Actually, I love working with the kids. That’s my No. 1 thing. I don’t have any kids, so I have 330 kids here at Creeds. And they are my kids. They come in and it’s the highlight of my day. There’s nothing better than walking down the hall and having a little kid come up and say, “Miss Debby!” And they hug you.

What do you hope students take away from their time in the cafeteria?

Eating healthy. Even more so, it’s important to me for them to use their manners when they come in. Every day when they come in and each kid comes through the line, they have to say, “Good morning Miss Debby. My name is…I would like…” They’ve done really well with that. They’re awesome.

We do different things. We have to do something with football coming up. Last year we had the Food Superbowl – vegetables versus fruit. They would come in and I would ask them, “Apples or bananas? What’s your favorite?” That was the playoff week. It was really fun.

For Valentine’s we might do heart healthy food. They have to do something to participate into the lunchroom décor. I have them color something and hang it up. Especially if they come in with their parents, it’s so exciting. We have snowmen up now. They ask, “Where’s my picture? Where’s my snowman?”

We do four or five different things each year. We’ll do something for Father’s Day. And I have a bulletin board where I put amazing facts – like, how many kernels are on a cob.