I like science and reading the most

Posted Oct 4, 2017

I like science and reading most. I like to read. It’s kind of in the family. Everyone in my family likes to read. And I like science because I want to be an engineer when I grow up so I want to know how to do all this stuff. I want to make things.

What are you thinking about making or inventing?

I don’t know. Maybe a wheelchair for if both your arms and your legs don’t work. It could have something like a microphone to control the wheelchair.

What else?


Maybe a plane that doesn’t use jets that are dangerous. Maybe something that’s less flammable to make a plane.

Have you read “Rat Man?” It’s really good. It’s kind of a character I can relate to, except I’m not in middle school. He has kind of an annoying sister. He likes to read comics.

Why is it called “Rat Man?”

Because the kid gets an ad in the back of a comic and it turns out that the ad is real. It lets him be a superhero. You can mail it away and it ends up coming that day. So when he put the suit on it gave him powers, like flying for some reason. I’m not sure how rats fly. He has the rat squeak—a really, really loud squeak. He can swim really fast and he can hear. There’s one thing: he can only be Rat Man for a summer. Then, the very last day, he gets caught in the movie theater and the suit gets burned. He loses his powers.

What’s a superpower you would like to have?


Flight! I want to be able to fly. Though, chameleon powers would be pretty cool because you could crawl and you could turn invisible because chameleons kind of do that.