I just really like helping people

Posted Jan 30, 2018

The people at this school are really cool. The teachers, they’re great. I love my teachers, and Mr. Harris is really nice. I started a club earlier. They make it really easy to do what you want to do with it. I started an Operation Smile club. In middle school I did it for a little bit, but I didn’t really get into it. Then when I got to sophomore year, I started volunteering at their headquarters and I met some great people and it was a lot of fun. I thought, we don’t have a club here and I know other high schools have them and I wanted to start one.

I want to be a doctor when I graduate so it’s a good way to help people and learn a little bit about medicine, even though there is not much hands-on experience. It’s just great being in the environment and meeting new people and hearing about their missions and knowing I’m doing something to help them, even if it’s just small.

Why are you interested in becoming a doctor?

I’m really good at math and science, so that kind of helps. And I just really like helping people, honestly. I’ve always loved volunteering; it’s my favorite thing to do. Becoming a doctor would mean I could help people every day.

I love children so I was thinking about becoming a pediatrician but I have a lot of personal experience with eyesight; like, I’m wearing contacts right now, so I was thinking about ophthalmology. The eye is so cool! It’s connected to the brain. There are so many things about the eye. You’ve got the iris and the pupil, and there are cones and rods and that’s what makes you see color, and certain people see different colors in different ways because of the cones and the rods. And the optic nerve connects to your brain. And you could hurt your eye in some way and it can be fixed even though it’s this weird ball, squishy material. It’s just really cool.