It’s important to be positive

Posted Oct 21, 2017

My name is Keron. It’s pronounced ‘Care-On,’ like, carry on, which is kind of what I do. Miss Bess really thought that I looked a lot like Kid President. She put pictures on Twitter and it kind of took off.

 She described you as somebody who motivates people and is always positive. Is that correct?

Yes, I’d say that’s about right. So, basically my story is: I lived a pretty happy, regular life up until second grade when my mom died. Then I was really down, so I did a bunch of things to help me get back up. At first it was sweet foods, but then I realized how bad that was. So then I went to my friend’s house and I tried this game called Minecraft and I really enjoyed it. I started watching some videos on it and sometimes I would hear some bad words and I would say ‘ugh’ and move on. Eventually I found this YouTuber called Stampy Longnose and the first video I watched had something to do with treasure hunting, or something like that, and Minecraft. It was really good. I started watching more and more. I watched so much that, before I knew it, the day was done. I can’t go a day without watching one of his videos now.

 It sounds like you like the fact that the videos are very positive.

 Well, being nice – nothing bad happens when you’re good. It’s good for both people. If you’re really negative, well, it might seem good to you but to others it’s like, ‘Bleh, I don’t want to be around this person.’ So, that’s why I think it’s important to be positive and just spread it because then we have a positive society.

 Why having a positive society important?

We will have less problems in the world. Like, bullying is really huge and I think that if we erase it, it will just be a good world. With all the things that kids can get into, it could be easy to go to the wrong side. For all the kids out there, don’t go the easy route. With the easy route, it can seem easy but then it’s like a waterfall. It’s easy to just go down the waterfall but, when you fall, it’s just dangerous. But if you try to swim the other way, then you’re safe and you don’t get caught up in bad things. I always try to do the harder route than the easier route. That seems to be important.

Personally, one day I want to move to Switzerland because it seems like a good life there. Then, I want to grow my own food because of all the GMOs and chemicals. Like I said, the easy way of growing food. I want to get my own food so I don’t have to deal with all the chemicals. Switzerland is really good because it’s really clean there too. It uses clean ways of getting energy. And also, it’s a really stable economy and it’s neutral, so those are the main things I like about it.

 Have you been there before?

No, but I’ve just researching a lot on where I want to go, and Switzerland seems to be the place. I want a lot of land to have animals there. I also want a – well, if I get the money – I also want a ranch-style mansion, if that makes sense. I really like rural areas. That’s something that I really like. There is something really satisfying to me about animals and just crops growing. That’s something that I told my teacher about, rows of just wheat. You can grow wheat in Minecraft too, and that’s really satisfying when it’s completely grown there. I think it will be really satisfying to just see rows upon rows of wheat there too. It’s something that I really want to do. I mean, I’ll need a lot of money for it but, in the end, I’ll find a way.