I’m a nurturer by nature

Posted Apr 25, 2018

This is my second year here. The counselors are all really sweet. They’ve accepted me, welcomed me, and they’re really wonderful.

I love the students, of course, especially. When the parents come in and they’re nervous and they’re unsure of what they need, I like to be able to put them at ease.

I’m caring…I’m a nurturer by nature so it’s a good environment for me. I like to have the office be a calm, inviting experience when people come in, especially if they are upset or unsure or have questions. 

We heard you’re known for dressing up for school spirit days.

When I first started I asked if it would be OK if I dressed up for stuff. The students and parents like it when I do. I like it when I do it. It makes me happy to make them happy. I have a, sort of, playful personality but I’m also sort of rule-driven and policy-driven. I try to keep things organized so it’s easier to get the job done and when people need something, I know where to direct them. I’m just trying to help wherever I can.

Is there anything else you’d want people to know?

What I want people to know is it’s a lot of hard work. When I took this job I had no idea the volume of work. It’s constant. It’s year-round. We’re always here. All high school registrars especially – it’s a very, very, at times, demanding job. You have to be very detail-oriented. It’s a lot to do organization-wise, the record keeping, the records management, diplomas, the constant registrations and withdrawals, It’s just – I had no idea. I enjoy it. I learned it but I’m really not sure if the general public understands the amount of responsibility and work it includes.

People come to us for everything, whether it has to do with our jobs or not. And you know we’re a default Google search engine: Where is this? What’s that? How do you do this? The secretaries in the district play a very, very, very important role.

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