I’m a military wife

Posted Sep 26, 2017

I’m a military wife. The Navy is what brought me here; it’s a huge part of my life. Virginia Beach has welcomed me into their division, and I feel right at home here despite the fact that I have moved around. Among the three other districts I have been in as a military wife, Virginia Beach is definitely a premier district and I couldn’t be more honored to work for Virginia Beach City Public Schools. This division does not compare to the previous ones just because of the amount of teacher capacity that it helps build; meaning, they allow me to grow professionally and I know that whatever the division gives me that’s related to curriculum is absolutely 100 percent research-based and best practice. So I feel very comfortable teaching here.

Outside of school I actually have my very own YouTube channel that relates to things that I do in my classroom and things that I do to help prepare to be a teacher. My first year teaching was awful. I didn’t have anyone to look to and, with the wake of technology and how many resources we have, I feel like I can maybe help a first year teacher to have a year that maybe isn’t so awful. I’ve had a pretty good response so far and I thoroughly enjoy being able to track what I do on a day-to-day basis so that other teachers can be helped by that.

What kinds of things do you share?

I plan lessons on there. I share how I make groups and teacher preparation. I did a whole series on how I set up my classroom and places to go to get cheap materials but materials that are dependable and aesthetically-pleasing. Then I also did a series on some of the things I’m using as far as technology. I’m a Seesaw ambassador and so I did some video tutorials on how to set up your Seesaw class and ways to use Seesaw. So, again, it’s just a resource for teachers so they can have someone to depend on besides their colleagues if they want some different ideas.