I’m kind of like flint

Posted Sep 23, 2017

I love what I do. I’m kind of like flint — looking to create sparks wherever I go. This is something I enjoy doing and never expected to do. I was happy teaching. I enjoyed the classroom and under David French and his leadership, he wanted to know what a digital classroom looked like. He gave me the wings to figure it out. It was an amazing ride. Over five years it was just constantly pushing the envelope and seeing what you could do with it. The opportunity chased me to transfer over to instructional technology. The last five years in technology have been crazy-through-the-roof. It’s been a killer wave to ride and to get people excited about the neat things it can do for them.

What do you hope your students take away from your lessons?

How to eliminate walls. How to think beyond because that’s what I’ve been asked to do is to go beyond the walls – go outside the box and become a risk taker. I already was a risk taker, but Dave French made me an even greater risk taker because he allowed me to shoot for the moon and see where it took me. So I want them to be able to look beyond a wall and figure out how to go there and not be held back by anything. And to be free enough, of course, enjoy learning and be lifelong learners and know that there are other jobs out there and they can do other things in technology because that’s their world. In 30 years they’re going to look at your phone and go, “Wow, it needed a battery? You had to charge it at the end of the day? Every day?” What the progression is going to be in their lifetime is going to be crazy. It’s an exciting thing to watch kids grow and take their learning into their own hands and be excited about that.