I was a student here at Brookwood

Posted Feb 17, 2017

I was a student here at Brookwood when I was younger and then I went to Plaza Middle and Ocean Lakes High School. I went to James Madison University and then came back home to student teach. The summer between graduating with my master’s and then trying to get a job I went on six interviews. The last interview was at Brookwood Elementary. I remember being at my nana’s pool with my mom, my nana and my best friend, and we were just kind of hanging out. I got the phone call from HR saying I got the job at Brookwood. I was so excited and jumping up and down. My nana said that it was meant to be because I went to this school and God really wanted me to come back to this school.

When I started setting up my classroom I realized there are people here that I grew up with. Kerry Knighton used to be one of our office staff when I was here and she came down to my room. She said, “Oh my gosh! I recognized your name! I’ve known you since kindergarten!” Adele Perry is still a secretary here. Mrs. Crowe teaches first grade here and she was my first-grade teacher. Mrs. Kerr teaches kindergarten now but she was my third-grade teacher. Brookwood is a place everybody wants to stay. It’s such a welcoming and loving place. It’s fun to listen to kids. I ask them who they had in first grade and they say, “Mrs. Kerr.” And I say, “Me, too!” They’re shocked and say, “You’re old! How were you ever once a kindergartener here?”

The kids make me laugh on a daily basis. They’re so funny! They’re definitely the best part of teaching.