I love learning

Posted Feb 24, 2017

Over the past four years, I’ve experienced a lot in high school – from different classes, my peers, some of the clubs and opportunities. In particular, one that I absolutely adore is Scholastic Bowl. I’ve been involved with it since my freshman year, and for the first time in FC history we’re going to the state tournament! I’m really looking forward to it mainly because it’s an entirely new experience. In my four years the team has gotten progressively better and better and better, and it’s amazing because I get to see how it all plays out. Hard work actually pays off.

Being exposed to all that information and the activities has opened me up to a lot of different interests, and I’ve managed to narrow those down just a bit more. There’s Scholastic Bowl and combine that with – I’m a part of the Foreign Policy Working Group at my school, so we’ve had a chance to go up to D.C. and talk to really amazing people who are changing the world day by day. That’s molded my interest in going into foreign policy. On the flipside of that, and I know they don’t generally have much to do with one another, but I’m also passionate about engineering. It’s just the application of things I learn in physics, things I learn in science and mathematics all coming to fruition. All of that kind of builds who I am. I’m hoping to find that one link between the two that gives me an opportunity to connect them and that way I don’t have to give up either interest. I love learning in general – just exposure to information and being able to share that information with others because there’s no real use in learning something if you can’t pass it on. I don’t really believe in being selfish with knowledge or information.

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