I love history

Posted May 10, 2018

I wanted to wear this today because I’m going golfing this afternoon with my babysitter and my brother. I just got some new golf clubs. Before I only had three clubs – the 3, 6 and a putter. But now I have a driver, a hybrid – and actually, on spring break, I got a REALLY good hit with my hybrid. I was deep in the woods and I hit it all the way back on the other side of the fairway. So, I have a driver, hybrid, pitching wedge, 57 iron, 7, 6-iron putter – which is a putter that I really have wanted. That’s seven clubs which is how many clubs I have.

What else do you like to do?

I like being on stage. Basically what I like is performing and having most of the attention. I haven’t actually performed but I WILL be in a play soon. I had like going-away plays and songs that I sang in kindergarten, which was not at this school. It was a Beach Day School.

And at Christmas…so, I was with my cousins and both of us got, from my nana and my papa, last-minute presents. We got clues. All of my cousin’s clues were random clues, and it was a little miniature trampoline for her and her baby sister. I got history clues, and guess what I got? One, I got a sword from the Vietnam War which my papa fought in. And then my last present was Hamilton tickets. My mom, my dad, me and my brother went to see it in New York.

I LOVE history! It’s my favorite thing in the world. It is so unique, the things that they did back then and the amazing things they had that we don’t have now. They just have historical things that we don’t have as much now. We have newer things. It’s just amazing how they did without what we have.

Do you have a favorite time period?

Usually it’s 1776. It’s when Alexander Hamilton…it’s basically when he met all his friends and started the Revolutionary War. It just was an amazing year. It was a good year for him.