I am a smart kid

Posted Jun 1, 2018

I like to play sports. My favorite sport is football. When football season is over, I focus on basketball. I like to play a little bit of soccer and baseball. I’m good at soccer but I don’t play it often. And baseball…I play most of the time when I go outside with my friends.

And I am a smart kid. I passed my math and my reading SOL. And next week, I really want to pass my science and my social studies SOL – that’s why I’m studying hard.

Mrs. Ryan, she is one of the best math and science teachers I’ve ever had in my whole life in school. Like, when I struggle, she helps me out a lot because when I really don’t know stuff, she helps me even more. Even if I say I don’t need help – when I really do – she still tries to help me. Even my reading teacher, Mrs. Shannon, she taught me a lot of stuff in reading so I passed my reading SOL. She’s strict, but she’s a very good teacher though. I like teachers that are strict because they make me want to pay attention more in class and focus and not play all the time. I like teachers like that, that’s why I like Mrs. Shannon. And because of Mrs. Shannon and Mrs. Ryan, I passed my SOLs.

And Mr. Sullivan, he is the best principal I’ve ever had. He’s funny. He plays with us a lot. Like, when I’m walking down the hall to go to PE, he asks me the first 10 prime numbers. But I always have a grumpy face, and then, when I walk past him and he asks me those questions, I have a smile on my face like now.

And Mrs. Thirus, I like her too. She’s a strict person just like Mrs. Shannon and I like that. She’s not really mean though. I like them all.