The college decision process

Posted Apr 6, 2018

I’m going through the college decision process. It’s been kind of tough because I was accepted to the University of Virginia, William and Mary, and Virginia Tech, and I’m having a harder time than most of my friends because it’s slowly getting down to the wire where everyone knows where they want to go and you’re the last person who doesn’t. William and Mary is my entire family’s alma mater so I’ve been going there since I was really little, and I didn’t even need to look at the campus because I’ve been there so many times. It was so in my mind that I didn’t even know there were other universities out there. So when I was applying colleges I was like: Wow, there are all these different schools. I visited a bunch and I really liked the University of Virginia. It’s just been kind of difficult to decide where I want to go, especially choosing a major over having all your friends and going to a school where you’re comfortable but you’re not getting outside of your comfort zone. I’m just having to decide between that and that’s kind of where I’m at right now.

When do you have to make your decision?

May 1. I want to study political science/pre-law. My grandfather went to William and Mary and went the pre-law track and went to law school at George Washington, and I want to do almost the exact same thing as him. And after being a defense attorney, he became a judge, which is what I also want to do. So, it’s kind of hard to not just follow his same path and go to a different school. I’m trying to decide between the two of them.