Change the world

Posted May 18, 2018

I like to play baseball. I remember sitting there eating that baseball gum just watching my brothers play. And whenever my brother would get a strike, I would yell, “STRIKE!” It was really fun. And every day after baseball, we would get to go to the park and have a lot of fun.

For me, I like baseball because I have more of an opportunity to make friends. Because when you’re sitting there waiting or practicing, it’s just real easy to make friends. You just laugh a lot and make friends.

What do you enjoy in school?

I’m in the Spanish Immersion Program. I like that it’s challenging and well, since I’ve been in Spanish for a while, it’s not hard anymore. I remember the first time I went to Spanish; I think it was first grade. She said that first complicated word in Spanish. I was like, What? She had to explain the words to me in little tiny vowels. It was weird.

And now?

And now I’m just flawless.

How would you finish this statement: If I could change the world, I would…?

If I could change the world, I would make an invention. I would make something that everyone would love, like REALLY the future. Like, hmm… I don’t really know. That’s hard.

Change the world… That is difficult though.

Oh! So, you’d go through a democracy and vote and stuff to make like a school that would – it doesn’t teach kids how to add and subtract and write. It will teach kids how to create things. Like, it will REALLY put them to the test to make random things. They’ll hand you something – like a box filled with random stuff like glue sticks, scissors, shoelaces, stuff like that. And they have to build something that will surprise them really badly. So, if you don’t get surprised, you have to keep practicing. But if you surprise them the first time, you get to move up a rank and just build cool things. And then eventually it will come out with a brand new invention. Someone really smart will come up with something really cool – and change the world!